Resort-style amenities designed for senior living

A warm welcome to you.


On a magical site perched above the Pacific Ocean, you’ll discover a down-to-earth retirement community. Casa de Mañana is immersed in sunshine and a coastal salty breeze. It’s invigorating being here, overlooking the ocean with La Jolla’s vibrant village just a block away. Inspired by these breathtaking views, kindred spirits come together to share ideas, passions—and cultivate new ones. We are a multi-level retirement community with independent living and assisted living services.

Senior couple enjoying life at Casa de Manana retirement community.

A world by the sea.


It’s an artful place to live, where the water sculpts the shore. Each residence celebrates the scenic setting in its own unique way. Oceanfront villas offer views of sought-after sunsets, as two-bedroom apartments feature patios ideal for dining al fresco. Designed for senior living, the neighborhood is rich with choices and ready for your personal touch.

Senior resident sharing community testimonial

"I had always heard people say that they wished they hadn’t waited so long to move in. And now I understand. It’s been life-changing."

—  Adele Resident

Featured resident of Casa de Manana

"If I could have hand-picked a group of people to be my neighbors, my friends, and my dinner companions, it would look just like this."

—  Chun-fang Resident

STaff member sharing testimonial about Casa de Manana

"We hear from residents all the time how much we bring to their lives, but what they may not know is that the sentiment genuinely goes both ways."

—  Robert Staff

At the core of the community.

Casa de Manana residents on the beach

The Front Porch Family

Front Porch is a not-for-profit family of communities and partnerships. We celebrate the spirit of the individual and the strength of community. Each Front Porch community is as unique as the individuals who live in them. Every day, in everything that we do, we ask ourselves: How does this benefit our residents? It’s how we approach every detail in creating experiences our residents love.

If you would like to work at Casa de Mañana or another Front Porch community, please visit our Careers page and search for jobs on that page.

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What’s Humanly Possible®?

Humanly Possible® defines our culture and our cause. We are dedicated to doing everything humanly possible to creatively meet needs of those we serve. It is an authentic call for every mind, discipline and level of our organization to focus on what’s possible, what’s achievable and what’s next.

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A Strong Foundation

Front Porch is a not-for-profit community of communities that believes in the power of partnership. Philanthropic support for Casa de Mañana comes from the Front Porch Communities Foundation, a Front Porch supporting charitable organization dedicated to service and philanthropy. Your gift through the Front Porch Communities Foundation can make a difference at Casa de Mañana and to the lives of your friends and neighbors.

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